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  • Our anti-microbial, eco laundry detergent harnesses the power of our revolutionary Shieldplus Protect water-based technology, which has been helping the NHS to maintain essential hygiene standards for over 15 years. Now, at a time when home hygiene and virus protection has never been more important, we’ve made our antibac laundry cleanser available to you too – so you can keep your family safe from 99.99% of other harmful germs and bacteria.

    The problem with most laundry detergents is that they’re just designed to clean, rather than offer any long-term protection – while toxic ingredients in other antimicrobial technologies also get dispersed into the environment.

    Our superb, sanitising eco laundry detergent does things differently, actively bonding to the fibres and creating a defensive shield that can last for over 30 washes, without impacting the environment in any way.

    So for a long-lasting, family-friendly and toxic-free solution to antibac laundry cleansing, trust Shieldplus Protect.

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      Proven protection against coronavirus

      Backed by proven, leading technology and completely eco-friendly, you can trust our antibacterial laundry cleanser to offer true,tested protection.

      Kills 99.9% of bacteria, & viruses including Coronavirus

      Trusted by NHS for 15years

      Prevents Microbe mutations

      Lasts for over 90 days

      Antibac Laundry Cleanser Features and Benefits

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      Unique Bonded Technology
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      Unmatched Safety Profile
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      Chemically Safe
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      NHS tried and tested
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      Works Immediately
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      Safe For Your Family
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      Safe For The Environment
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      Protecting People For 15 Years

      Frequently Asked Question

      Unlike other antimicrobials, Shield is a non-leaching technology. Almost all other antimicrobials (pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, disinfectants, sanitizers) act by leaching into the air or dissolving in a liquid to be absorbed by the microbe. Depending on the type of antimicrobial, the active ingredient is either dissipated rapidly or over a period of time - but all have a relatively short effective life.

      Once inside the micro-organism conventional antimicrobials act by chemically poisoning, disrupting the life process or causing lethal mutation. The dosage is critical! Too little and the target organism is not controlled and can adapt. Too much and other living things can be harmed. By contrast, Shield Plus technology does not dissipate or leach. It is not absorbed by microbes or any other living things. Instead, it acts by rupturing the cell membrane of the micro-organism - when the microbe comes into DIRECT contact with the antimicrobial.

      This rupturing interrupts the normal life processes and destroys the cell. The interruption is caused by two forces -the long chain chemical component and the positively charged nitrogen component. The first can be compared to a “sword”, the second to “electrocution”. Like a “sword”, the strength of Shieldplus™ is not used up or diminished when it acts. It can be used over and over again.

      Shieldplus Protect offers antimicrobial protection for up to 90 days on surfaces and Shieldplus Laundry for over 30 wash cycles

      Shieldplus™ Laundry is ready to use straight from the bottle. Wash clothes as normal ensuring there is a rinse cycle. Pour 1 capful per wash load straight into the rinse cycle drawer. Allow to dry thoroughly or for optimum results tumble dry.

      Shieldplus™ Laundry will add a new level of cleanliness to clothes, towels, sheets, pillowcases and all aspects of your laundry

      Shieldplus™ Protect is ready to use straight from the bottle. Apply to new or freshly cleaned areas. Apply directly and evenly distribute with a cloth to the area to be treated. Allow to dry thoroughly.

      Did You Know?

      Independent testing has proven that Shieldplus™ eco laundry detergent keeps guarding you and your family for over 30 washing cycles, with no significant reduction in antibacterial effectiveness.

      explore the Shieldplus™ science