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Shieldplus™ Laundry

Shieldplus™ Laundry

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Our anti-microbial, eco laundry detergent harnesses the power of our revolutionary Shieldplus Protect water-based technology, which has been helping the NHS to maintain essential hygiene standards for over 15 years. Now, at a time when home hygiene and virus protection has never been more important, we’ve made our antibac laundry cleanser available to you too – so you can keep your family safe from 99.99% of other harmful germs and bacteria.

The problem with most laundry detergents is that they’re just designed to clean, rather than offer any long-term protection – while toxic ingredients in other antimicrobial technologies also get dispersed into the environment.

Our superb, sanitising eco laundry detergent does things differently, actively bonding to the fibres and creating a defensive shield that can last for over 30 washes, without impacting the environment in any way.

So for a long-lasting, family-friendly and toxic-free solution to antibac laundry cleansing, trust Shieldplus Protect.

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