About Us

For over 35 years Panaz has been a major textile supplier to the National Health Service in the UK and a leading innovator in the global healthcare industry. During that time, we have led the development of anti-microbial treatments for interior furnishing fabrics, initially with research and development instigated to inhibit the spread of hospital acquired infections such as MRSA, klebsiella and the C diff spore. However, since the emergence of coronavirus, variants such as SARS2 Covid-19 attention has now turned towards protecting people during their everyday lives. 

By using Shieldplus™ Protect Surface Spray and Laundry, all environments, from a hotel room to a care home, can be made safer and with over 15 years history of use in clinical situations this innovative technology has a proven track record within the healthcare industry.  

For more information on Panaz, please visit us at www.panaz.com or contact us at the below address: 

Panaz Ltd.
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