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Hospital grade disinfectant products for safer sectors

Every sector comes with its own hygiene challenges, but our antiviral, antibacterial, hospital grade disinfectant products can help you to make your work and service environment safer.

Our products are backed by science, approved by the NHS, 99.99% effective and completely eco-friendly.

Here’s a quick look at why high quality, hospital grade disinfectants are essential to help keep your workplace clean.

Commercial disinfectant products for the workplace

As work environments become more flexible in order to facilitate more hybrid and collaborative ways of working, shared spaces are becoming much more common – and with them, more opportunities for harmful bacteria and viruses to thrive and spread.

Recent data shows that the average workstation hosts over 10 million germs, helped along by the 72% of employees who report attending work while sick. With 80% of infections able to be transmitted by touch, it’s no wonder that open plan office lead to 63% more staff sick days. Regular, thorough cleaning with high grade disinfectants that offer genuine, long-lasting protection is the most effective solution.

Cleaning products for hospitality and cruise ships

By their very nature, cruises and other hospitality settings are largely public spaces with a high footfall of ever-changing visitors. Whether guests are enjoying a meal in a restaurant or staying away from home on a ship or in a hotel, a secure and clean environment is essential for their comfort and wellbeing.

A bacterial or viral outbreak can cost your business both financially and in terms of your reputation, so it’s important to minimise risks with a thorough hygiene protocol, and the use of high quality products, such as long-lasting disinfectant and antibacterial laundry detergents

 Hospital grade disinfectant products for healthcare

With global hospital infection rates climbing, the additional impact this has on health, safety and wellbeing can cause a lot of distress to patients and their loved ones. Hospital acquired infections also come at a significant financial cost to the NHS.

The health and recovery complications don’t just burden the hospital itself, but have a ripple-effect across the whole healthcare service network, with prolonged inpatient stays, additional consultations and treatments, plus GP and community care visits. There’s nowhere more important to use approved hospital grade disinfectant products than in these environments themselves.

High quality school cleaning products

Schools and other educational settings generally play host to huge numbers of students, from all around the world – with university students often studying and living within their learning community.

It’s essential that your pupils, students and staff feel safe – especially with so much movement between classrooms and facilities throughout the day. Our hospital grade disinfectant products include a long-lasting, highly effective anti-microbial spray and antibacterial laundry cleanser, providing durable protection on your furnishings, upholstery, uniform, PE kits and even your onsite accommodation.

Retail, food service and preparation

Our hospital grade disinfectant products have also been tested and approved for use in retail and food service/preparation too, allowing you to keep both staff and customers extra safe with a more sanitary environment.

Food preparation areas in supermarkets, such as deli, hot food, bakery, butchery and fresh fish departments are all areas that can be open to cross-contamination – not to mention in-retail cafeterias and canteens. Our antiviral cleaners can help to prevent surface recontamination after cleaning for up to 90 days, and our laundry detergents will keep uniforms, tablecloths and reusable napkins protected for up to 30 washes too.